5 Tips on How You Can “Warm Your Leads”

There are three types of leads we all deal with in our businesses. Hot leads are those folks who are ready to buy NOW. Warm leads are those who will be ready to buy soon, but aren’t quite there yet, often due to time or money constraints. And Cold leads are those individuals who are never going to buy from you, no matter what you do.

While it’s easy to “cherry pick” the Hot leads (and you should definitely do that), the majority of our business is in converting our Warm leads into Hot leads. So, how do you “warm your leads?”

Here are 5 simple ways to do just that:

  1. Offer prospects relevant, valuable information on a scheduled, recurring basis.
  2. Communicate to prospects efficiently, aside from the normal, time-consuming, one-on-one methods.
  3. Log all communications between your office and the prospect in an organized fashion.
  4. Arm yourself and your sales reps with an arsenal of specific information that can be given to prospects upon request.
  5. Track the progress of each lead through the sales pipeline, so you always know where every lead stands.

Some would say that before you start you should filter your list of Warm leads and remove anyone who doesn’t need your product or service or who can’t afford your product or service. While there’s merit to targeting your list, in most cases, you don’t know who your prospect knows and you don’t know what they have in their bank account. Therefore, give your prospect the opportunity to let you know their needs! You can only do this by being in touch with them, getting to know their needs and interests, and building a relationship with them.

To avoid the time-drain that warming leads can create, you must have efficient systems and processes in place that enable you to gauge the interest level of your leads, and make note of when that level shifts. The goal here is to raise the temperature from warm to hot!

Aleweb Social Marketing has solutions for each of these techniques. If you’re interested in converting more of your Warm leads into Hot leads, contact us and we’ll help you get started!

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Tara R. Alemany

Award-winning author and speaker, and owner at Aleweb Social Marketing
Tara Alemany defies a simple definition. She is an award-winning and best-selling author and speaker, as well as a serial entrepreneur. Her publishing company, Emerald Lake Books, benefits experts and thought leaders as they grow their business by taking their words from manuscript to masterpiece. Her consulting company, Aleweb Social Marketing helps authors and speakers to get found online, on-stage and on-the-shelf. In addition to publishing, consulting, writing and speaking, Tara serves on the Boards of Directors for a Christian writers’ critique group, as well as acting as co-president and chaplain of the group. In her spare time, she is a novice winemaker, a martial artist, a juggler, a military Mom to 2 teenagers (one of each), step-Mom to 2 dogs (one of each) and is owned by a black cat.


  1. Bill Oakley says:

    Very good suggestions about dealing with warm leads. I run into them often in the furniture repair and refinishing business. Many customers aren’t aware of the amount of work and therefore cost that goes into a properly done job. One question though, I’m not sure what a “sales pipeline” is?

    • Thanks for the chance to clarify, Bill. A sales pipeline is sometimes referred to as a sales funnel as well. Leads move through the pipeline, to become dead ends or prospects. Prospects are moved further along the pipeline to become first-time buyers. With proper management, that first-time buyer will move further through the pipeline to become repeat customers and referral sources. This pipeline or funnel can be tracked using software or other techniques to manage your leads and know what your next steps are in creating long-standing, satisfied customers. I hope this explanation helps!

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