Review: Is the WordPress Plug-in Backup Creator Worth the Price?

Backup Creator logoFor those of you who don’t know, I’m a big fan of using WordPress, not only to blog, but to create websites. My own site, and those of clients whose sites I create, are all WordPress-based.

However, when I decided to migrate from to a self-hosted WordPress site earlier this year, I found the whole experience to be a major hassle. The theme I use is still not working the way I’d like it to, since there are plug-ins I used on the old site that no longer function here.

Have you had a similar experience? Maybe you weren’t migrating your site. Perhaps you were recreating it because it crashed, got hacked, or otherwise failed on you? For a business owner, it’s a huge headache! Between the cost of having someone recreate it, and the headache of going through the restoration process, it’s enough to turn any day into a “not so good” one…

A blogger I follow recently did a review of a WordPress plug-in called “Backup Creator.” I clicked on his link, and watched the promo video, but didn’t really feel I had a good enough sense of the plug-ins usability, pertinence, etc. At $37 for the tool, I didn’t want to buy something that was going to be a waste of time and money. So, the browser window stayed open, and every time I restarted my computer, the video played again.

After sometime of playing this game, I decide to spend some time today going through and looking at all those open browser windows. (This wasn’t the only one… It’s a bad habit of mine to open windows with the intent of coming back to them. But I never do until my computer starts struggling under the load.) So, today was the day I sought out reviews for this product.

At this time, I can say that the reviews were the only disappointment to me thus far! There were lots of them, but they were all identical… I’m all for syndication, but not in this form! None of the posts were attributed to a specific writer, but they all were in first person, and told a personal story.

Thankfully, I stuck with the search and hit a pot of gold! Not only did I find a legitimate review, but it included video instruction as well. After spending the 12 minutes watching Roger Easlick’s video and reading through his review, I felt that the plug-in was sufficiently demonstrated in terms of its ease of use, and that it was something I could easily do myself.

So, I went back to my original window (sorry, Roger!), purchased the plug-in, installed it on my system, and backed up my site. And, yes, it was as easy as Roger made it look.

I also restored my site to a temporary location, and got everything I wanted from it with few small exceptions. First, the site’s heading needed to be reset. It simply showed the domain name. Second, the stats for my ShareThis plug-in are no longer available. But, all comments, plug-ins, widgets, configurations, database info, blog posts, categories, tags, images, etc. were successfully restored to the new site. All this in less than 15 minutes! Now the peace of mind and potential future time-savings are worth the $37!

Just so you know though, the price is due to go up soon. The creator of the plug-in plans to raise the price to $97 in increments over the next few months. Within the past 90 days, the price was only $7! So, if you’re interested in getting this for your site, don’t waste time like I did. Do your due diligence now, watch Roger’s video if you need more information, and come back here to click the affiliate link below!


I want my copy of Backup Creator!


  1. This backup creator is not worth it in terms of customer service. I just had a horrible experience when I backed up my website and it crashed. I sent messages to their customer support (there is no number to call and when I asked for one the person did not provide one). Anyway, this person Jason told me the plugin version I was using is 2 years old, no longer supported, they have my website backup but will not provide it, its your fault, no help for you. I could not believe it. Fortunately my host Bluehost managed to provide help and restored my site but I have never seen such horrible customer service.

    • I’m sorry to hear about your negative experience with Backup Creator, Vuso. it’s definitely important to keep all plugins, themes and the WordPress core up-to-date. I’m not too certain that any plugin developer could have effectively helped you if your plugin was that far outdated, simply because of all the changes that have taken place with WordPress, etc. since that time.

      And when Backup Creator creates a backup, the default is that it stores it on your server. So I’m not too certain what you mean by “they have my website backup.” Unless you’re paying for storage services with them, they don’t have it. You do, somewhere.

      Either way, for completely different reasons, I did move away from using Backup Creator myself almost two years ago now. My preferred backup system is Backup Buddy by iThemes.

      I like the ability to schedule full and partial backups automatically, and how it integrates with other iThemes plugins. For my purposes, I can manage my websites as well as those of my clients all from a central location, which makes maintenance that much easier!

      Regardless, I’m sorry for the difficulties you’ve encountered. Thanks for sharing them, as well as your feedback!

  2. wmike1503 says

    Unfortunately, I have just purchased this – fails to restore any of my sites.

    • Did you create the backups using Backup Creator? The plugin is designed to restore its own backup files. The members area provides great support as well.

      • wmike1503 says

        Yep – I’m very experienced with WordPress. Followed the instructions carefully. Response from developers was to refund my purchase – no effort to work out why it doesn’t work.

        • I’m really sorry to hear that, Mike. It’s not been my experience in the past. Out of curiosity, what do you use as a web host? I’ve always used this on HostGator-hosted sites.

          When the backup fails, does the plugin give you an error message of any kind?

          I’m not associated with the developers of this plugin, nor am I a programmer, but if you want a second set of eyes to take a peek at what you’re doing, drop me a message using the Contact box in the lower right corner of my site, and we’ll set up a time to do a screen share.

          Alternatively, here are other backup plugins and what I know of them.

          Backup Buddy by iThemes was already installed on one of my client sites when I took over support. From what I’ve seen of it thus far, I do plan on exploring it further.

          I’ve been using either Backup Creator or WP Better Security (by bit51) on the rest of my client sites for the past couple of years. I’ve had fewer problems overall with Backup Creator, but WP Better Security offers a lot more features (many of which have caused me problems).

          Most recently, WP Better Security created a problem that caused my website to be temporarily shut down by my hosting company. Bit51’s response when I reported the issue was that it was “a problem with how some hosts configure PHP and, yes, it is a bug in the plugin that will be fixed in version 4.0. As much as I would like to say that will be in the next week I’m afraid it just isn’t so but it will be at some point this summer.” A disappointing response in my opinion, but one of the pitfalls of relying on someone else’s code. You can’t control their development schedule.

          I suppose this isn’t particularly helpful, but perhaps it will give you some ideas of next steps for your own sites.

          • wmike1503 says


            Many thanks for your feedback. I have looked at many backup solutions – most have difficulties. BackupBuddy worked on some of my sites but not on others.

            I have, apparently, found a solution, at last that does what it says on the tin. Automatically backs up to ftp and restores successfully. Plugin name is Updraft – there are free and paid for versions.



          • Thanks, Mike! I’ll look into it.

            For anyone else following this thread, the plugin he’s referring to is UpdraftPlus Backup (

  3. Too bad you didn’t reward Roger Easlick by purchasing the plugin through his affiliate link. We need to support marketers who are doing things right, such as by providing us the information to help us decide on Internet marketing products.

    • Tara Alemany says

      True, Lexi! It’s always a hard balancing act when you have to decide between someone who presented something to you first (the blogger I follow) and someone who explains things better (as Roger did). In this instance, I felt it was the right thing for me to do to make my purchase through the blogger. But Roger is the one who got a link back to his site and was referred to by name. So, while my blogger got one purchase through his link, both Roger and I stand to win from purchases made on our sites.

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