4 Experts on How to Grow Your Twitter Following

I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about how to grow a Twitter following. Since I’ve spoken and written on this topic a lot, I decided to ask some of my friends.

Here’s what I asked them.

I’m planning on writing a blog post in the next week or two that focuses on the best methods of growing your Twitter following. I’d love to get your tips and input to share with my readers.

And here’s how they responded.

Jeffrey Hayzlett

Jeffrey Hayzlett

My former business partner, Sheldon Adelson, the former owner and founder of Comdex (one of the biggest trade shows in history) and owner of the The Venetian Hotel, once said to build a successful trade show you need to remember this one rule: “Attendees beget Exhibitors and Exhibitors beget Attendees.” So this also applies to your followers. If you engage them , they will engage you and that is critical to being successful in getting followers — engage them and be real. Don’t just spit out info and sell things, engage them in a dialogue and they will be your best brand ambassadors.Jeffrey Hayzlett, Best Selling Author, Speaker & Sometimes Cowboy @jeffreyhayzlett

Chris Westfall

Chris Westfall

For me, I’ve used two services that have made a real difference. The first is a new platform that’s in development called Kuhhoots, and it’s a great method of sharing relevant content in a way that’s pre-planned. Started by my friend, Robert Galinsky (yep, that’s him – the Reality TV Coach), I highly recommend this “set it and forget it” approach to staying relevant, without losing that personal touch. Another service that’s made a real impact for me is triberr, founded by Dino Dogan. Triberr allows you to connect with professionals you respect, and mutually share content from your blog posts, with an invitation-only “tribe.” Leveraging the power of others, you can literally reach millions using this platform (assuming you have good blog content). You don’t have to share anything you don’t want to, but it’s a terrific way to access great material, and share valuable info with your followers. Chris Westfall, National Elevator Pitch Champion, Sales and Leadership Development Coach, Keynote Speaker & Author @westfallonline

Ann McIndoo

Ann McIndoo

I’ve been told by an expert I know to keep my branding consistent across all of my online platforms so that people can readily recognize me and identify what I do. By increasing brand recognition, it helps people more readily decide whether or not to follow me. I also make it easy for people to follow me from one platform to another. For instance, I include my social profiles in my e-mail signature and on my website so that people know where to find me!Ann McIndoo, Author’s Coach, CEO and Founder of So, You Want to Write! @AuthorsCoach

Richard Bishop

Richard Bishop

Content is King and consistency is queen. Keep these two core principals in mind whether you post through a scheduling service or manually for each post. When some one responds to a tweet, Facebook post, LinkedIn post or any other social network that you are posting on, MAKE TIME to be responsive with sincerity and work on getting to know your fans and followers better. Be real! People know when you’re faking and when you have all your chips on the table. So I say “go all in, all the time!”Richard Bishop, Owner Classy Catering Creations @CCateringC

Here’s what I’d add to these tips. Find a few Tweetchats to participate in. It’s 100% pure engagement, and a great way to meet new people who share a common interest.

Also, make sure you share a variety of content. Keep a healthy blend of links, retweets, thoughts and interactions going. If you need to use scheduling software to spread your posts throughout the day, then do it! Don’t bombard folks with tweets and then leave them high and dry.

And for anyone interested in learning more about Kuhhoots (mentioned above by Chris Westfall), stay tuned. You may be hearing more about it from me in another month or two…

What are your best tips for growing a Twitter following?

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