Missing Your E-mail

Gmail logo in "Missing Your Email" on https://alewebsocial.comDid you hear about recent changes?

Gmail is rolling out its latest inbox improvements, and Hotmail and Yahoo have plans to follow suit real soon. But what does that mean to you?

Unfortunately, what it means for many marketers is that their e-mail campaigns will be filtered into a new folder called “Promotions,” never actually hitting the Primary inbox.

Depending on who you listen to, this is either the end of the world for marketers or it isn’t.

I tend to be a bit more pragmatic about the whole thing.

People who actually wanted to read your marketing messages in the first place will probably take the time to do a few simple steps to reroute your messages where they want them.

Those who couldn’t care less what you had to share won’t go looking for your messages, but they probably weren’t really enthusiastic about what you had to offer in the first place.

So, this is simply a good opportunity to clean up your list and make it more targeted, at the same time as letting individuals who have signed up for one-too-many free offers start pruning their inboxes. A win-win, really!

For those who haven’t been upgraded to the new inbox format yet, you may want to send a “farewell” message letting them know where your notes are going, and how they can mark your messages to go directly to the inbox instead.

Groupon demonstrated this nicely in a mass mailing they send out in early August.

Heads Up: Fix Yo Groupon

To avoid missing the messages you want to see, drag one of the messages from the Promotions tab to the Primary tab, and then save the changes when prompted. Alternatively, if you want to avoid the whole silly thing, you can simply delete the Promotions folder and nothing will be routed there.

And if you need further help getting your e-mail campaigns seen and responded to, contact us!


  1. Michelle Brennan says

    Why do they need to upgrade and make it more complicated?

    • I’m not a representative of Google, so I can’t tell you the business justification. But I believe it’s a response to “fix” broken marketing. For so many years, people offered something for free in order to build their mailing list, rather than attracting people who truly wanted to be on their mailing lists. Inboxes got cluttered, and Gmail is trying to “help” the consumer by highlighting those messages that the recipient seems to really want. In other words, those things the recipient actually opens and engages with.

      But it certainly does make it feel more complicated for marketers. The thing to remember though is, this is organically “scrubbing” you list for you; a housekeeping task we don’t often remember to do. Your list will be much more productive from a business standpoint if a higher percentage of people are actually opening and engaging with your content.

      The people who signed up so they could get something for free, and then have never read your messaging since, really don’t need to be on your list anymore! They weren’t planning on buying from you in the first place.

      Good question though! I’d love to have a response from Google to it. 🙂

  2. I hate having to ask people to adjust their settings to receive my email. UGH!

    • I completely agree with you, Bonnie! The alternative is to trust that they like your content enough to engage with it organically. If they do that, the filters will recognize it, and you’ll still hit the inbox. But it puts a lot more pressure on you to create content that creates engagement regularly.

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