Is LinkedIn a Waste of Time?

John Haydon of Inbound Zombie recently posted this question on Facebook.

Is LinkedIn a waste of time? - question

A lot of people are frustrated with the new-ish Endorsements feature. I know I personally have been endorsed for skills I didn’t even know I had!

So, I can understand their bewilderment when people who don’t really know them come along and endorse them for every skill they have listed. It’s like they’re trying to game the system or something.

Here’s the response I gave though.

Is LinkedIn a waste of time?

 LinkedIn can be a powerful part of your business strategy. You can use it to:

  • Give recommendations for trusted business partners.
  • Request recommendations from happy clients.
  • Establish another element in your social footprint.
  • Let people know who you are and what you do.
  • Network with professionals who have similar interests.
  • Network with individuals who are part of your target client set.
  • Become a trusted resource.
  • Simply stay “top of mind” with your connections.
  • Curate great content for your target audience.
  • Do research for upcoming presentations, white papers and books.

There are many other possibilities as well, but these are just a few of the many things that LinkedIn (and other social networks) enables you to do.

Part of my regular routine each week is to introduce myself to more event planners in the hopes of establishing relationships that may eventually turn into speaking engagements for me.

So, I have a search saved that sends me a new list each week of people whose current position includes event planning in the industry I want to expand my speaking into. I’ve targeted the list so that these people are 2nd level connections or that we have a group in common.

This gives me the opportunity to write to them to introduce myself briefly, comment on the shared connection, and ask what they’re currently working on. It starts a conversation that is rarely ignored because it’s about them; not me. When someone’s passionate about what they’re working on, they often want to discuss it, and giving them the opportunity to do so helps me get to know them better.

Sometimes, I can tell right away that I’m not a good fit for the project they’re working on, but perhaps someone else in my network is! Being a solution or being a connector… Both are powerful positions to be in. And LinkedIn gives me the tools necessary to do my research, and get it right the first time.

So, is it a waste of time? I suppose it all depends on how you use it!

Want to learn more about using LinkedIn to meet your specific goals? Contact us and we’ll set up a time to talk.

And feel like connecting on LinkedIn? Send me an invite, but let me know why you want to connect. I prefer building relationships to gathering names. 🙂



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Tara R. Alemany

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  1. I’m still maneuvering my way around linkedin. Love the potential of it for networking.

    • As with any social network, knowing its capabilities, who you’ll find there, and what you want to get out of it are key to your success. Explore away! And have fun while you’re building new relationships. 🙂

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