Book Review: The Millionaire Map by Jim Stovall

As I was posting my own book for review on StoryCartel this weekend, I saw that Jim Stovall’s latest book, The Millionaire Map, was available for review as well. Knowing Mr. Stovall’s work from his great movie, The Ultimate Gift, and another of his books, The Lamp, I eagerly grabbed a copy, excited to read it.

Little did I realize at the time that it was exactly what I needed to read right now.

Less than 24 hours later, with 6 pages of notes by my side, I’d read all 160 pages of the book.

I found myself frequently posting quotations from it to my Facebook friends, and sending personal notes to specific friends whom I knew would benefit from reading his thoughts as well.

Mr. Stovall was hitting on the same struggles and sticking points that my friends and I have been sharing of late, and it was great to have the wisdom and insight of someone who has been where we are, leading us to where we want to go.

As he points out in his narrative, who better to show you the way than one who has been there himself? (Never trust someone to show you what it takes to become a millionaire who isn’t already one himself.)

In the ’80s, Mr. Stovall and his wife had 6-figures’ worth of debt! Not the kind of 6-figures we typically aspire to, but all too common these days.

Today, their net worth is over $10mil.

For some of us, we’d be content to simply get out of the pit of debt, but others of us want more.

I love how Mr. Stovall redefines “millionaire.” To him, it’s not about a specific dollar amount in the bank. It’s about the freedom to do what you want without money being a limiting factor.

In other words, money doesn’t control what you can and cannot do with your time and your life, the only commodity that you can’t make back. If you lose money, you can earn more. If you waste time, it’s gone!

He goes on to say that people in debt are far more obsessed with money than millionaires are. Millionaires tend to focus on people, service, creativity and producing value, and that’s the key to their success. Produce value for others. Get creative about it. What can you offer that will benefit others? That’s where you start your journey, but first you must lay out your map so that you can plot your course.

The millionaire map itself is simple. Identify two specific points on the map; where you are now and where you want to be. Identify the ways in which you can provide value to others, such that they are willing to pay you. Then start developing the habits and characteristics that are unique to millionaires, and are definitely not what you typically think of.

Accept that you will fail numerous times before you get it right. As encouragement, he shares an African proverb.  The hunter can make many mistakes but the hunted can only make one. Your millionaire quest is a matter of focus and persistence.

And don’t expect others to get it. Only 3% of the people in the world are millionaires. Develop a millionaire mindset and 97% of the people in the world can’t and won’t understand you. Don’t let that stand in the way of pursuing your dreams though!

If you are content with your life as it currently is, this book is definitely not for you. And there’s no judgment or condemnation in that.

Some of us have been able to craft the life we want without feeling that yearning to be and do something more, and that’s great! The whole point of this exercise is to reach a point of being at peace with the life we are living.

But if there is this unsatisfied longing deep within you to experience more freedom in your life, and to live the life you want without money being a limiting factor, I highly recommend reading this book.

Mr. Stovall will take you through an exploration of your own life that will bring clarity and excitement to what’s ahead for you.

He learned early that if he wanted to be a millionaire one day, he needed to learn from and about millionaires and what makes them different.

Through this book, he offers you the same opportunity. The next move is yours.


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