Using Current Events to Connect with Your Audience

I’m sure you’ve heard it said, time and time again, that your content has to be relevant to your readers. One of the ways of doing that is to make your content timely. In other words, to write in response to current events.

My friend, Kurt Shaver, from The Sales Foundry wrote a great blog post this week called “Social Selling and The Final: How to Strengthen Relationships.”

NCAA Final Four logoIn it, he uses the example of The Final 4 in basketball as a catalyst for strengthening your network. It’s not so much content generation here, as an excuse to reach out to people you’re connected with and strengthen the bonds that you share.

His post starts out like this:

If you are a fan of college basketball, you know that the following schools made it to the Final Four this past weekend:

  • University of Connecticut
  • University of Florida
  • University of Kentucky
  • University of Wisconsin

The Final Four is one of the most popular sporting events in the country.  Alumni and fans of these schools are passionate about cheering their teams onto the national championship.

So why not use this as a great opportunity to congratulate your Connections who went to these schools?

The strategy is similar to the promotion/birthday/in-the-news feature in LinkedIn Connections wherein members can send a quick congratulatory note associate with some positive event. It raises your stock with the recipient by letting them know you are thinking of them. Dale Carnegie would love it.

It’s important as we grow our network that we don’t just spew content at them. We need to nurture the relationships. Learn about each other. Find out what makes each other tick, so to speak!

While this particular suggestion is only relevant for the next few days, Kurt’s post is a great reminder of how to use a current event to connect with your audience, your network.

Spend more time focusing on building relationships, and you’ll find that people are more willing to be there and support you when you need them the most. So, pay attention to current events and see what ideas they spark for you for new and engaging ways to connect with those around you.

To learn more about how Kurt used LinkedIn to connect with alumni of The Final 4 schools, check out the rest of his post.

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Tara R. Alemany

Award-winning author and speaker, and owner at Aleweb Social Marketing
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