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Using Active Engagement to Get More Book Sale Leads

Using Active Engagement to Get More Book Sale Leads

Every author’s goal!

As an author, you are also an entrepreneur. You created your own product (your book), and now you have to sell it.

Selling books means finding readers and encouraging them to take a chance on your words. In the marketing world, those same readers would be called “leads,” and the best way to generate more leads for your book is to use active engagement. Here is how you do that.

Personalize Your Marketing

Personalized marketing is where you tailor your marketing efforts to one specific individual at a time. That probably sounds like a lot of work, but it isn’t that complicated. Those emails you get from GoDaddy or Living Social every day, the ones that greet you by name? That is an example of personalized marketing. The coupons you get at the grocery store after swiping your member’s card? Those are examples of personalized marketing. [Read more…]

Google vs Facebook: Who Will Dominate?

A visitor to this site recently shared a new infographic with me. It’s title? “The Tech Cold War: Facebook Vs. Google.” (The infographic appears at the end of this post.)

The details explore the growth and trajectory of both of the tech giants, asking the questions:

Will one side emerge as the dominate power, or will they be locked in a stalemate for years to come? And what does this mean for the consumer?

However, those questions presuppose that there isn’t room for them both, and that they are seeking the same thing, vying for the consumer’s attention.

This is when things start to become confusing. Google and Facebook have tried to occupy the same space, with little success!

Google’s earlier failed social networks, Google Wave and Google Buzz, laid the groundwork for its quasi-success with Google+. But even there, it’s only in the way it distinguishes itself from Facebook (Google Hangouts and Google Authorship) that it’s successful. As a social network, it’s still relatively sparsely populated, even though social activity there contributes more to your SEO (search engine optimization) than elsewhere. [Read more…]

An Interview with Jeffrey Hayzlett, Primetime TV Show Host, Bestselling Author & Sometime Cowboy

As our Featured Author series continues, I decided to ask my friend and mentor, Jeffrey Hayzlett, to share some of his insights and experience with us.

Jeffrey Hayzlett - Primetime TV Show Host, Bestselling Author & Sometime Cowboy

Jeffrey Hayzlett, Primetime TV Show Host, Bestselling Author & Sometime Cowboy

Jeffrey is a primetime TV show host with his own show on Bloomberg TV called “C-Suite with Jeffrey Hayzlett.” He is also a bestselling author and a sometime cowboy, with offices in New York, Los Angeles and Sioux Falls (because he can!).

I first met Jeffrey in an elevator at the Speakers and Authors Networking Group (SANG) led by Larry Benet in October of 2012, soon after my second book was released.

As Jeffrey and I were riding in the elevator, a young woman joined us and noted my book among the things I was carrying. She struck up a conversation with me about writing and how she hoped to become an author someday, completely ignoring Jeffrey the whole ride down to the lobby. [Read more…]

How to Get More Endorsements on LinkedIn

There are many things you can do to optimize your LinkedIn profile, and an optimized profile means more profile views, right? After all, you’ll be showing up in search results more frequently…

The only problem is, people can endorse you for skills you don’t actually have… Thus skewing how you turn up in search results.

So, should you avoid adding skills to your profile? No!

But you must be wiling to manage things a bit. Just because someone endorses you for a new skill doesn’t mean you have to accept that endorsement.

I typically recommend that you start by choosing 50 skills that you possess. This way, you’re in charge of what skills people are likely to endorse you for.

The next step then is to ask other people to confirm that you possess those talents. LinkedIn also helps the process by periodically asking your connections if they can endorse a particular skill for you.

You’d think this could pretty much run on auto-pilot then, right?

Well… Not really… Depending on how well your connections know you, sometimes the endorsements can start being a bit skewed. [Read more…]

LinkedIn Announces Their Latest Profile Changes

Last week, LinkedIn announced the new LinkedIn Premium Experience, with new ways to make your profile stand out visually, suggestions to help you optimize your profile, the ability to stand out more in search results (think of Google’s AuthorRank here), opening the privacy settings on your profile to allow more people to find and engage with you, and better tracking ability to understand your impact and visibility.

[Note: The majority of these features are only available to paying LinkedIn customers at this time, but some will make their way into the free accounts over time as well.]

Enhance Your Profile Visually

Taking its cue from other social networks, LinkedIn now allows premium members to add a cover image to their profile. This can be a great way to extend your brand or give viewers a visual clue as to who you are and what you are like.

You’ll have access to:

  • Larger profile photos
  • Expanded backgrounds

Artfully combining the two can convey a rich story. For example, Richard Branson’s cover image is of clouds, with his profile picture looking upward, denoting his reputation for progressive ideas that push the normal boundaries of business (and that he owns an airline that’s reaching for the stars).

Richard Branson - Founder of Virgin


In a few months, all members will be able to add the custom profile background, which is great, if you find an artful way to use it! [Read more…]