Researching Killer Topics Using KindleSpy

KindleSpyEarlier this week, I came across to the new tool that quickly has become my favorite new toy. It’s called KindleSpy.

If you haven’t heard of it yet, KindleSpy allows you to research book ideas and competing titles on Amazon.

Consider this, perhaps you’ve got a few different ideas for the next book you want to write. But where should you spend your time and effort? KindleSpy can help you answer that question quickly and easily.

This tool comes as a Google Chrome extension. When you use it to access Amazon, you can research any category or author page to learn vital information about the books that are selling there.

Not only that, KindleSpy can gather information about the best-selling titles in a category and show you the top five words used in those best-selling titles. With a little wordplay, you can use those five words to create a potentially best-selling title of your own.

With the information the KindleSpy shows you, you can research your various book ideas and determine which ones are most likely to earn you money.

Say for instance, you’re considering writing a book about having a home-based business. But you have another idea for a book that’s for novice winemakers. Which one should you write first?

Using KindleSpy, you can answer that in a matter of minutes. What the video below to see how.

Were you surprised by the outcome? I was! But it simply goes to show you how easy KindleSpy makes the choice of which topic to pursue, and what titles are likely to be popular.

There are so many potential uses for KindleSpy that I feel like a kid in a candy shop playing with it.

A month or two ago, a client hired me to find a title for their book. I grossly underestimated what it would take in order to do that, and was significantly underpaid as result. I ended up spending about 10 hours on a project that I only billed 1 hour for, doing the research, crafting ideas, polling my followers, and finally selecting a title.

I could have done the same project using KindleSpy in 10 minutes or less. And I could have given my client potential revenue projections as well, which I had no way of doing on my own.

I highly recommend getting your own copy of KindleSpy today. Whether you are an author, publisher, literary agent or book fan, the information you can gather with KindleSpy is invaluable compared to its ridiculously low price of $27.


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