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An Interview with Victorine Lieske, NYT Bestselling Self-Published Author

Victorine E. Lieske, Aleweb's Featured Author for August 2014This month’s Featured Author interview is with Victorine E. Lieske. I met Victorine at The Business of Writing International Summit in Louisville, KY, earlier this month. She was there as another speaker and presenter, and I found her credentials to be captivating.

Victorine self-published her first book, Not What She Seems, in April of 2010. In March 2011, the book hit the New York Times bestselling ebook list, where it stayed on the list for six weeks. By May 2011, she had sold over 100,000 copies.

Now I don’t know about you, but I’m guessing that we’re in agreement about this. We want to know how she did it!

She has shared her secrets in How to Find Success Selling eBooks, but has agreed to answer my interview questions in addition. So here we go! [Read more…]

What Inspires You to Create a Breakthrough Mindset?

Woman Holding the Sun in the Palm of Her Hand - Photographer unknownNo matter what you do or who you are, there are times in our lives where our own weaknesses and inabilities can limit what we accomplish. To achieve more, we need to learn something new or overcome a limiting mindset.

And it’s not just one area of our life we need to focus on. Every day, we fill multiple roles. We’re in business. We’re a friend or family member. We’re a parent. We’re a colleague. We’re a role model or we’re being mentored.

There are so many different facets to a life that it can be hard to be intentional about all of them all of the time. But it’s important to be aware of what we do well and where we can use some improvement.

I think that’s one of the reasons that I enjoy the wisdom of people like Zig Ziglar and Les Brown so much. They are very real individuals, who¬†understand what it means to be human and to overcome challenges. Their inspiration can yield better business partners as well as better parents. [Read more…]