What Inspires You to Create a Breakthrough Mindset?

Woman Holding the Sun in the Palm of Her Hand - Photographer unknownNo matter what you do or who you are, there are times in our lives where our own weaknesses and inabilities can limit what we accomplish. To achieve more, we need to learn something new or overcome a limiting mindset.

And it’s not just one area of our life we need to focus on. Every day, we fill multiple roles. We’re in business. We’re a friend or family member. We’re a parent. We’re a colleague. We’re a role model or we’re being mentored.

There are so many different facets to a life that it can be hard to be intentional about all of them all of the time. But it’s important to be aware of what we do well and where we can use some improvement.

I think that’s one of the reasons that I enjoy the wisdom of people like Zig Ziglar and Les Brown so much. They are very real individuals, who understand what it means to be human and to overcome challenges. Their inspiration can yield better business partners as well as better parents.

Sometimes the greatest obstacle to be overcome is the distance between our two ears.

How we view things changes everything! And there are ways to overcome the obstacles we present ourselves with.

Here are just a few that I use:

  1. Family and Friends – My friends and family serve as my “why.” When I allow a limiting belief to hold me back from something, I’m not being all that I could be. That means that my friends and family only get “a lesser version” of who I could become. Stretching and growing, and accepting the pain I might go through to do it, simply allows me to offer them more of who I really am. For me, the corollary is this: Being the best version of myself that I can be allows me to love my friends and family the way they deserve.
  2. Conferences – Participating in conferences fuels my creative juices. It helps me come up with new ideas and things that I want to try. This is often where I formulate my “what.” Whenever I speak at a conference, I take every opportunity to participate as fully in the conference as possible, attending other workshops, networking with other speakers and exhibitors, and connecting with as many other attendees as possible. You never know who is going to spark your next great idea!
  3. DarrenDaily – Every successful person I’ve ever met has said that their success is largely due to the people they’ve surrounded themselves with, in particular their mentors, and I agree. Mentors provide the “know-how.” Darren Hardy, the publisher of SUCCESS magazine, has made the same comment. In a desire to mentor as many people as possible and have the greatest impact on those he mentors, he launched DarrenDaily two weeks ago, which is his daily mentoring program. Each weekday for the next year, he’ll be sending subscribers a short (3 minutes or less) message with a single action item intended to help them grow. In his experience, the best mentors don’t give you the answers, they help you find the right questions to be asking yourself. I start my workday with his latest message, and I do the work.
  4. Podcasts There are two that I listen to daily. (I’m catching up on back episodes.) Listening to podcasts that educate help me formulate my method of doing things. The first podcast I listen to regularly is “The Charged Life with Brendon Buchard.” Brendon is well known for being great at what he does. He’s overcome a lot, and has built a very successful business despite the obstacles he’s faced. He’s not a victim. He’s a victor. The only reason he shares the challenges he’s overcome is to demonstrate that there’s nothing magical about him. You too can accomplish great things. You just need to figure out how to live a life that is charged with passion and meaning. I listen to The Charged Life as a podcast during lunch each day. It serves as my midday boost. However, you can also access it on his website. The second podcast I listen to is “In the Loop with Andy Andrews.” I first discovered Andy Andrews’ work when a friend recommended his book, The Noticer, and I was hooked. The book shows how proper perspective can change your life and provide you with a new outlook on living. (To learn more about it, just watch the book trailer.) I’ve since read just about everything he’s written, seen him speak in person, followed him online, etc. Over the past year, Andy’s focus has been on helping parents shift their own perspective. Oftentimes, parents believe their goal is to raise a great kid. Andy contends that a better goal is for parents to focus on how to raise children who become great adults. The lessons we impart are different when we make that shift in our perspective. So, I enjoy listening to the In the Loop podcast toward the end of the day, when I’m making dinner or preparing to spend more concentrated time with my family. It helps to keep me mindful of what I hope my family becomes.
  5. Mastermind Groups – As I mentioned in “5 Powerful Reasons to Join a Mastermind Group,” I have participated in 4 mastermind groups in the past 4 years, and I credit the support I’ve gotten from those groups with the success I’ve achieved thus far. They have helped me shorten the learning curve by being willing to share from their experience and resources. They have supported me in my efforts and have referred me to their clients. They have helped me learn how to think objectively about my businesses and what I want to accomplish with them. I can’t speak more highly of being a part of a mastermind group. The bonds formed are often lasting and can be the difference between success and failure. Oftentimes, these individuals become, in effect, my own personal Board of Advisers, without whom I would have floundered long before. Due to the unique relationships we develop, people in my mastermind groups contribute to my “why,” my “how” my “what,” and my “when.” Two years ago, I listened to Alex Mandossian, regarded by his friends and colleagues as the “Warren Buffett of the Internet marketing,” talk about how to start your own mastermind group. And while I was excited at the prospect, I psyched myself out and didn’t start one. Two friends I met that that event did and I participated in both of theirs. Now, it’s my turn. My mastermind series starts in October and there are still a few openings. So… If you are a serious business person, looking for serious business results, check out The Best is Yet to Come Mastermind Series. You can find more information here.

These are just a few of the methods I use to create a Breakthrough Mentality. I’d love to hear what you do! Who do you follow that inspires you? What podcasts or blogs really get you charged? Share in the Comments below.


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