11 Reasons Why Writing a Book is Good for Business

Emerald Lake Books logoHave you ever wondered how to make a bigger impact than you already have?

For many business professionals, time is the rate-limiting factor. You can only connect with so many people in a given number of hours. So how do you take things to the next level?

Well, there are a number of different ways.

Speaking is one of them, and something I do a lot of and enjoy, but it’s not for everyone.

Creating videos is another. Video content is easy to share, simple to create, and has the potential to make a viral impact, but it requires some technical ability.

Blogging is another means of connecting with more people with less effort, yet it requires steady website traffic.

So there’s no one magic bullet. You’re better off if you try to implement a mixture of all of these.

But there’s one more thing I’d recommend, assuming you have it in you. There’s writing a book.

Not everyone is cut out to be an author. It’s time-consuming, hard work and can take months or even years to pay for itself.

However, for those who do take up the challenge, writing a book can be an incredibly rewarding experience.

Here are some of my top reasons why I think becoming an author is good for business.

It Clarifies Your Message

When you’re talking with a prospective client or creating content for your website, your message must be as clear and concise as possible, and it has to be framed in the context of “What’s in it for them?

Writing a book. Working with an editor. Creating a quality piece of work. All of these activities help you to clarify your message. When your message is clear, you can get straight to the point, and save everyone a lot of time and effort in making the decisions that need to be made.

It Feels Great

In all honesty, the first time I held my first book in my hands was an amazing experience. I’ve since gone on to produce 4 others, as well as to help other authors do the same, and each time the wonder of the completed product is intoxicating.

If you’ve never done it before, you really should try it!

It Educates Prospects

Every business needs sales. I don’t know if you’re like me or not, but I hate “selling.” I’d much rather that people saw the value in what I have to offer and came to me for my services…

But whether you enjoy selling or not, there’s one thing we all enjoy. An educated prospect.

When someone has taken the time to understand what they need and how the product or service you’re selling might help, they’re less likely to balk at the price, they’ll be clearer on what they want, and the entire process is streamlined.

An educated prospect takes less time to get from “maybe” to “heck, yeah!” They know what they want and, if they’ve agreed to a conversation with you, it’s likely they think you might be what they’re looking for.

It Motivates Your Clients

You can’t be there 100% of the time for your clients, at least not in person…

Your book will remind them of what they need to be doing and how they need to do it when you can’t be there to guide them in person.

It helps them stay on track with less intervention on your part.

It Increases Your Visibility

Every time that your book is promoted somewhere, you are too.

Marketing your book creates more visibility for you as the author, and if it’s a book that’s relevant to your line of work, it also creates more exposure for what you do.

It Establishes Your Expertise

This is one of the things that I like the most about having a book related to my target market. As readers learn from what I’ve written, they come to accept me as an expert.

They experience the depth of knowledge I have, and begin to associate me with my chosen topic.

The nice thing about that is, when they have a need that I can fulfill and the budget to go with it, they know who they’re going to call first.

It Leads to Bigger Consulting Fees

Let’s face it… As your perceived expertise grows, you can command larger consulting fees if you want.

But even if you keep your prices the same, you’ll be securing more clients. So either way, your consulting practice grows.

It Enables You to Speak More Often

Those in the speaking circuit will tell you, having a book opens up doors to speak even more.

The funny thing is, it doesn’t even matter if your book is good or not or whether you’ll be doing back-of-room sales. Simply being able to state that you’re the author of a relevant book is like charming a cobra.

Event planners don’t have the time or resources to go out, buy your book, and read it for themselves. They often don’t even have the time to go check the reviews on your title.

Yet given a choice between two speakers they don’t know who can share the same content, they’ll often go for the one that’s an author.

And perhaps there’s some validity to it. I mean at least their message is hopefully clarified by all the time they spent in writing the book.

It Attracts Opportunities

All of the advantages I’ve mentioned so far in writing a book for your business can be lumped into this one distinct advantage.

Being an author attracts opportunities.

At conferences, people want to talk with you.

In your industry, people want to partner with you.

Your network is more likely to refer you.

When someone does an internet search for what you do, they’re more likely to find you.

It just makes good business sense.

It Creates a Greater Impact

Taking advantage of the increase in opportunities and higher fees you can charge will have an impact on your bottom line.

More importantly though, being an author, having a book that helps people achieve their objectives… These things allow you to impact a wider audience.

And if you’re a heart-centered business person, helping your customers get what they want and need is incredibly satisfying.

It’s World-Changing

When you are positively impacting more lives, you are essentially changing the world, one reader, one client, one person at a time.

With all the books that I’ve written and co-authored, it’s the letters I get from readers whose lives have been altered by what I wrote that impact me the most.

I may have set out to make their life better, but in actuality it’s their responses that make my world a better place.

It’s for all of these reasons that that I have decided to expand beyond just the book marketing, website design and social media training services that I have offered for years now.

I’m eager to help business professionals who want to make a greater impact on the world around them achieve their goals by publishing a book.

And for that reason, I have spun off Aleweb’s book preparation-related services into a new hybrid publishing imprint.

So, if you’re interested in exploring the possibility of writing a book to grow your business and in taking advantage of the opportunities having a book creates, I invite you check out Emerald Lake Books and see what we have to offer.



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