Wondering What Theme or Plugin that Site Uses?

Have you ever looked at a website and thought to yourself, Gee, I wonder what plugin they’re using for that? or Wow! I really like that theme. I wonder which one it is?

It doesn’t matter whether you have one website you maintain or scores of them, we all look for inspiration from other websites we like.

The Old Way of Doing Things

Does this story sound familiar to you?

I found a website that did something I liked, but I had no idea what theme or plugin they were using to do it.

So, I right-clicked and selected “View Source,” then scrolled through the source code, hoping I might recognize the part that provides some quasi-identifying information.

Once I found it, I’d Google it, and then try to figure out which of the search results was the one I wanted.

If I was really lucky, after a few minutes, I’d find the right one and I’d be happy.

But if there was more than one thing on the site I liked, I had to go back and repeat this process for each element I wanted to identify.

I could spend quite awhile deconstructing a website, hoping to find just the right theme or plugins to replicate on my own to create the same affect.

It was never fun, but a necessary part of the job.

Until now that is…

My New Favorite Way to Research Websites

What I used to spend 15-20 minutes (at least!) doing, I can now do in a matter of seconds.

And not only am I told the theme and plugins used, but I’m given live links to each of them, as well as its Alexa rank and Google page rank, SEO information, and WhoIs and WhoHosts entries for the site. All in the click of a button!

SpyBar screenshotThis simple tool enables me to:

  • serve my clients better. Now, when they tell me there’s a site that they really like, I can go get the inside scoop on how that site was put together.
  • gather competitive intelligence. I can quickly and easily analyze what’s working for a competitor’s SEO strategy.
  • find contact information for the site owner, which is great if I want to try to collaborate or see about a guest post.
  • identify which autoresponder system they’re using. Each one is just a little bit different in its strengths and weaknesses. When I see something I like, I want to know what it is!

So, what is this tool? It’s called “SpyBar” and it’s a premium Chrome extension.

Simply purchase the extension, click a button to add it to Chrome and you’re all set! When you see a website you want more information on, click the SpyBar icon and check it all out!

Now, perhaps when you read “premium Chrome extension,” you felt your heart sink just a bit? Not to worry! It’s only $12.95.

Given all the time and effort it’s saving us, I think it’s more than worth the price. How about you?



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